Secrets & Pleasures available on Amazon

Secrets & PleasuresWe are very pleased to announce that the paperback edition of Secrets & Pleasures is now available on Amazon. This is the updated version of My Secret Pleasures that was originally published in the mid-1990s. The Kindle Edition is also available.

There is value, both entertainment and educational, for all generations, and the goal was to write something that would appeal to people just beginning to explore their sensuality, as well as people looking for a different approach. This book offers a more useful, fun and safe, alternative to “normal” sexual activity, as well as a more pleasurable way to look at relationships and communication. I invite you to step into the world of Secrets & Pleasures and see how you might want to incorporate this information into your life.

Here’s what some folks have said about this book, which is written as an erotic novel, yet is packed with useful information about sensuality, sexuality, man/woman dynamics and having highly gratifying relationships:

“Wow! Secrets & Pleasures has opened up a whole new world of pleasure and possibility for me. I learned so much about how to relate with women and how to give them pleasure in a way that works for them. And I didn’t want to put the book down! I wanted to find out what happened next and experience each new erotic scene. What a turn-on. The fact that it is based on real-life experiences blows my mind and gives me hope that I can create more of the kinds of experiences that are described in the book. The results I produced and experienced when I read the original edition were awesome, and I still use what I learned on a daily basis. Thank you for writing this book.” —Mark Michael Lewis, author of Relationship Dancing

“Men will read this book and say, ‘Man, I wish I’d had this book (or could have met Rachael) when I was a teenager! What an education!’ Women will read it and say, ‘This book contains all of the information I want a man to have BEFORE I have sex with him.’ People of both sexes will say, ‘This book should be required reading for all young people for whom sexual abstinence is not a realistic option.’” —Stephen K.

“When we first read Secrets & Pleasures, we decided to hand it off to our teenage son because we wanted him to have a good grounding in some of the principles and practices that we have found so valuable in our relationship. He loved the book, and thanked us for having the guts to share it with him.” —J.E. and M.T.

“I loved this book! However, it took me forever to read it because I got so turned on, that every few pages I was compelled to stop and masturbate!” —Kim R.

“My older sister (the anonymous young woman described in the Introduction) gave the earlier edition of this book to me back when I was in my teens, and I thank her, her partner at the time, Curt Kinkead and his wife Ruth) for creating a story that had so much useful sexual, sensual, relationship and communications info that was so easy to grok and implement. It changed my life. Thank you so much!” —Jonathan S.

“When I first received this book as a present from a friend, it took me a while to get to it. I actually don’t like such steamy stuff. However, when I started to read it, I couldn’t put it down. I never do that with any book!, and I’ve loaned it to a friend already.”—Dee H.

“This book is a must read for any woman who has sold herself short. Secrets & Pleasures showed me that it is okay to want pleasure just for my sake. To know that it is just as much a turn-on for a man to please me as it is for me to receive pleasure. What a concept to teach all young people, that when a woman is honored, then men are all the better on the receiving end both for the giving and the resultant overflow of love that pours back to them. I was touched at the beauty of unconditional love that poured from the pages, leaving me with a sense of wonder (that this could be possible for all relationships) and feeling that if it were possible, then every school, library and home needs a copy of this book NOW!” —Elizabeth H.

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